img_2699Windy City Basketball Camps is focused on bringing players at all levels the training and core fundamental instruction that players at the highest levels receive. Whether you are new to the game of basketball or experienced, boy or girl, our camps and clinics are structured to improve your game and take you to the next level of play. You won't get that "candy cane" fluff in our camps. We have fun, but we are serious about working on your game. The trainers we use are knowledgeable and experienced about the game of basketball. At Windy City Basketball Camps, we strive to give our young players the same proven modern day teachings and training aids that the Collegiates and Pros use today.

Learning Basketball Through Repetition

Repetition is the common approach used by all the best coaches at every level. Repetition at Windy City Basketball Camps comes in the form of practice drills. After the proper techniques are taught, skills are mastered through repeated practice opportunities and game-like situations.  We use an array of ball handling and dribbling drills and exercise to reinforce our training targets. And these are many of the same scoring moves, ball handling, and dribbling drills most college and professionals are using today.

The instructions our trainers and coaches provide are intended to help our players become better at their individual game. We keep it simple but to the point.  Most instructional techniques we put our campers through our players can take home and practice by themselves or even without a hoop.  Not having is no reason for not getting.  If you want to improve your game, we'll give you the tools.

Muscle Memory is the Key

In our shooting camps we break down the shot into stages. We then perfect the shot through intense, repetitive drills that lock the necessary shooting technique into the camper's muscle memory. This will enable the athlete to execute proper fundamentally-sound shooting mechanics.

As we break down the shot into its component parts, we make sure the shooter fully understands and learns each step. We debunk the myths about shooting the basketball that have been handed down through the generations that are no longer applicable today. We teach you how the great shooters of today shoot like Stephen Curry, J.J. Redick, and Diana Taurasi. Not how your dad's high school coach taught him to shoot. This process is a lot of hard work and requires great attention to detail.  But it produces unbelievable results. If you are willing to do the work, then Windy City Basketball Shooting Camps will dramatically improve your shooting percentages.

Focus on Fun with Intensity

Windy City Basketball Camps have evolved into a well-balanced mix of practice drills and friendly fun. While our players will attest to the amount of hard work required, they will also share with you how much fun they had and how many friends they made at camp. We continually strive to enhance our camps to help our student campers have the time of their lives, while at the same time learning and growing.